Client: 7-Eleven
Agency: Deutsch LA

As a relatively new Deutsch client, our task was to set the look and feel for a number of 7-Eleven’s key promotional periods and limited time offer units, including in-store takeovers, digital marketing materials and app integration. The challenge was to maintain a visual language that could be distinctly ownable by 7-Eleven, while incorporating the varied assets their partnership products required.

Creative Directors: Trevor Kuhn, Matt Clark
Design Directors: Rick Granados, Cris Strittmatter
Design: Rachel Ma, Delaney Maher, Albert Breitweiser

Slurpee Week

OOH, POP, Web, Social + App

The be-all, end-all of 7-Eleven promotions: 7/11 Day and Slurpee Week. Concepted and implemented the look and feel used in 7-Eleven storefronts across the nation. Our most pressing task was to clearly communicate to 7Rewards App users their progress in a “Buy 7, Get 11” promotion through an engaging and informative interface. 

OOH, POP, Web, Social + App

7-Eleven’s latest caffeinated offering, custom-made Iced Coffee drinks. Different from 7-Elevens Chillers Iced Brew, this promotion focused on allowing users to create their own coffee concotion using a Big Gulp cup, ice, freshly brewed hot coffee and any number of their syrups/creamers. The client requested that the products be very clearly differentiated and that the Freshly Brewed Iced Coffee push included a step-by-step breakdown of the user’s "cup-stomization" options. 

National Taco Day


Handcrafted type and illustrations for 7-Eleven’s National Taco Day promotional piece. We convinced client to exclude any product photography, opting for more much visual graphic to commemorate the widely-celebrated holiday.