A dual-screen, virtual test drive experience. 

Client: Mitsubishi Motors
Campaign: Night Drive
Agency: 180LA

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To promote the launch of the Mirage G4, Mitsubishi launched Night Drive, a second screen experience that allows users to take a virtual test drive of the all new Mirage G4. I was approached by the Mitsbishi team to help bring this concept to life with a very intense timeline and limited resources. As lead designer, I was responsible for developing the visual identity for the entire experience and an informative user interface that would work seamlessly between mobile and desktop.

Design Director: Chris Welsby
Digital Creative Director: Karan Dang
Art Directors: Caspar Bock, Toon Leysen
UX: Stacey Savage
Design: Delaney Maher



Users connect their smartphones to a desktop computer by entering a unique URL displayed on their screen. Then, through intuitive kinetic gestures, the users take control of an interactive film, moving the car forward and testing its various features. 

Depending on how the user performs in the experience, they are assigned a driver personality type such as Wallet Watcher, Learner's Permit or Mirage Master etc. Users also get a highlight reel of their performance in form of a shareable GIF.


The music in this experience is exclusively scored by established LA-based electronic DJ Nosaj.